What is Grace's Law?

The bill before the New Jersey Legislature was named "Grace's Law" for Grace Gleba, a New Jersey girl with a severe hearing impairment. Grace’s mother Jeanine Gleba is the bill's leading advocate in New Jersey.

The bill would require hospital, medical and health service corporations, commercial insurers, health maintenance organizations, health benefits plans issued pursuant to
N.J. Individual Health Coverage and Small Employer Health Benefits Program, the State Health Benefits Program, and the NJ FamilyCare Program.

The bill would require coverage for medically necessary expenses incurred in the purchase of a hearing aid for covered children 15 years of age or younger. The coverage would include the purchase of a hearing aid for each ear, when medically necessary and as prescribed or recommended by a licensed physician or audiologist. There is a limit of $1,000 per hearing aid every 24 months.

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What is Grace's Law?
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